In the 1970's, France Betten saw that the growing beverage distribution industry had a very specific need for affordable and reliable trucks without the hassle and burden of negotiating with big dealerships. On this premise, France built a one stop shop where distributors could find the right piece of equipment that would meet their needs without breaking their budget, delivered to their door. The instant beverage truck was conceived and soon there after was a Betten truck operating in every state.

For over 50 years, Betten Trucks has been the industry leader in trucks sales for the beverage distribution industry. We specialize in the buying and selling of used and refurbished beverage trucks, beverage trailers, tractors and van trailers. We also work closely with the propane and battery industry and emergency management organizations for haz-mat and fire rescue applications. Our customers range all across the United States, Canada, Central America and the Islands.

Distributors depend on the experience and expertise of the Betten Trucks staff (collectively known as the Betten Bunch) to find the right piece of equipment for the right price. It is our goal to provide our customers with a quality product at a fair price. All equipment is fully inspected and is sold with trade package guarantees and warranty. On this foundation, Betten Trucks has been and continues to be a dependable and reliable source to our customers and friends.

Today, with the guidance of John Kovary, employee for over 20 years and now owner, Betten Trucks is working for you to find the best deal in the market to meet your specific needs. Our services include; truck sales, truck consignment sales, beverage body part sales, refurbishment/paint/decal application, transportation and fleet appraisals.

Betten Trucks – for over 50 years –

growing and still listening to the needs of our customers, our friends.


  • All equipment fully inspected
  • Purchases with guarantees
  • Save thousands versus new
  • We take trades
  • 30 day 50/50 warranty
  • Experience and expertise (over 50 years)
  • Refurbishment and paint/decal
  • Transportation to your door step

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